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Auto Detailing Service near Cedar Rapids IA: Are you looking for the Best Auto Detailing Service near Cedar Rapids IA ? Mobile Auto Truck Repair Cedar Rapids, professional detailing service that gives you more than a basic car wash and vacuum. Also of importance is how our pro detailers have an obsessive attention to detail and are never afraid of applying the elbow grease needed for the most in-depth cleaning of your vehicle’s nooks and crannies. Cost? Free estimates!Send us a message Call today .Best Auto Detailing Service around Cedar Rapids IA. We serve Cedar Rapids IA and other areas




Auto Detailing Service in Cedar Rapids IA

Auto Detailing Service near Cedar Rapids IA: Now is the perfect time of the year for Auto Detailing Service in Cedar Rapids IA region. Gain peace of mind with professional detailing service that gives you more than a basic car wash and vacuum. At Mobile Auto Truck Repair Cedar Rapids, we know precisely how to systematically use equipment and chemicals on interior carpets and upholstery as well as premium paint jobs. Also of importance is how our pro detailers have an obsessive attention to detail and are never afraid of applying the elbow grease needed for the most in-depth cleaning of your vehicle’s nooks and crannies. When you bring your vehicle to Mobile Auto Truck Repair Cedar Rapids for Detailing Service, you know that you will leave with a car as close as possible to its showroom cleanliness, shine, and smell.

Benefits of Auto Detailing Service

Auto Detailing Service near Cedar Rapids IA: At Mobile Auto Truck Repair Cedar Rapids, we know from years of experiencing providing detailing service on vehicles just like yours that there are additional benefits of auto detailing & cleaning far beyond a shiny paint job and a pleasant-smelling cabin; there are several other benefits that some of our favorite customers don’t consider. However, at Mobile Auto Truck Repair Cedar Rapids, we would like to share with you all of the tremendous benefits of Detailing Service that are often overlooked:

  • Protect Resale Value – if you want to resell the car eventually, you should know that used auto dealers will inspect the vehicle thoroughly before making a purchase; professional detailing service is a fantastic way of promoting higher resale value in the used car market
  • Retain attractiveness – professional detailing service can restore your vehicle’s showroom allure. Most owners do not have the training, experience, nor the patience for the deep cleaning that we will provide.
  • Pro detailer attention – our pro detailers will go over every inch of your vehicle with the attention to detail of a surgeon. The benefit is a thorough assessment of your entire vehicle that often reveals areas in need of repair or repainting.

Springtime is the Right Time for Detailing Service

Exiting a cold winter season often means that a vehicle weathered some snow, sleet, water, mud, salt, sand, and whatever else gets inside the vehicle onto the carpets using shoes as a VIP pass. If you have children, then we already know exactly how much undesirable debris can get inside the cabin over the winter. This situation makes Springtime the perfect time for a Detailing Service. Detailing Service includes vacuuming & Shampooing, Complete Interior, Exterior Wash, Compounding & Waxing the Exterior.

Engine – Detailing

Engine detailing can range from a simple cleaning of an oil leak to a show quality reconditioning of the engine as well as the engine compartment. In the latter case, components are removed as well as refinished. Your engine is never sprayed with a can of Gunk, blasted with steam, or doused with Armor All. This is a great way to end up with a clean engine that doesn’t start. Rather, each crevice is cleaned with soft brushes and gentle cleaners which are appropriate for the materials in your engine. The result; your engine will look like the day it was built. We also offer custom carbon fiber pieces that are specially built for any car make and model.

Commitment To Performance

We design custom high end audio system setups specifically for the acoustics of your vehicle. Every vehicle contains their own DNA of acoustics, derived from the design, layout and materials used in the interior. This will dictate the proper components used for a particular system, which in turn will produce the pure, rich sound you demand.

Auto Detailing Services

Cigarette Burn Repair

Cigarette Burn Repair – Interior upholstery can be repaired when cigarette ashes land on seats or carpets. Accidents happen but why should that ruin an interiors look or stop you from buying or selling a less than perfect auto. Most damage can be corrected with a perfect color match.

Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle detailing includes:

  • Hand wash buff
  • Polish chrome
  • Add advanced polymer sealant
  • Leather conditioning

Rv’s And Boats

Recreational vehicle & boat detailing includes:

  • Exterior wash and wax
  • Gutter rails and top of RV’s fully cleaned.
  • Interior cleaning and shampooing as well

Interior / Exterior Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning – This service is for neighborhoods with intense water restrictions, parking garages and areas where traditional hand washing isn’t allowed.

Gold Vehicle Detail Package


  • Complete hand wash, prep and clay surfaces
  • Compound, and buff paint to correct minor imperfections
  • Apply polymer paint sealant (9-12 months protection)
  • Apply Cherry Wet Wax (up to 3 months extra protection)
  • Condition tires and trim


  • Vacuum and air purge interior
  • Clean headliner, dashboard, console and door panels
  • Spot clean seating surfaces and carpets
  • Detail cracks and crevices, condition vinyl and leather
  • Clean windows, mirrors, gauges and chrome
  • Apply interior fragrance (upon request only)

Carpet Dying

Carpet Dying is great for repairing stains like bleach and coffee stains. Our carpet dyeing service is perfect for repairing those stains and more. If just color rejuvenation is needed for faded carpets, our carpet dyeing service is the perfect choice!


Auto Detailing Service near Cedar Rapids IA:

  • Use a wet-dry vacuum to suck out as much water from carpeted mats to accelerate drying.
  • Use a soft long-bristle artist’s paintbrush or makeup brush to get into small crevices, such as air conditioning vents. A spritz of furniture polish on the brush will improve dust removal.
  • Spray your cleanser of choice on a microfiber cloth, then use the cloth to clean the surface. This prevents overspray and drips.
  • Always clean from top to bottom, because loosened dust and dirt fall – gravity is great that way.
  • Use a stiff brush to agitate the carpet just ahead of where you’re vacuuming to get even more dirt out of it.
  • If your doors have upper window frames, roll the windows down a few inches and clean the top edge of the glass, first. Then, roll the windows up and clean the rest of the glass.
  • If you clean the wheels last, you might splash road grime to the body of a clean car.
  • Warm up the engine a few minutes to help the degreaser work better.
  • Detailing clay also works great on wheels, glass, and chrome, too, but never use a clay bar on rubber, plastic, or polycarbonate.
  • Use masking tape to protect plastic and rubber trim, emblems, headlights, and marker lights.


Average Car Detailing Prices: How Do Your Prices Compare?

Auto Detailing Service near Cedar Rapids IA: For professional detailers or detailing business owners, setting your car detailing prices is one of the biggest challenges. Are your car detailing prices reflective of the averages within your city, state, or even across the country? If you want to make more money as a detailing business, you need to charge your customers the right price. If your detailing services are priced too low, you’re leaving money on the table. But if your prices are too high, you might lose customers to your competition.

Once you find the right price, you might need to know more about how to convince your customers to pay a higher price. Many detailers use an estimating app to help them create consistent pricing and justify their prices to customers.

Skim through the research below compiled by Mobile Auto Truck Repair Cedar Rapids. You can compare the prices you’ve set for your business against the averages across the country and even your state and city.

New to this site? Mobile Auto Truck Repair Cedar Rapids provides tools and resources to help detailing and auto recon professionals start and grow their businesses. Learn more about Mobile Auto Truck Repair Cedar Rapids and why thousands of business owners have tried our #1 app for detailing.

 National Average Price for Car Detailing

The average detailing price around the country is $160.16. The range of average prices for car detailing in the US is $114.59 on the low end and $213.67 on the high end.

Average Car Detailing Prices per State

The state with the highest average price for detailing is Oregon with an average price of $258. The range in this state is $186.67 on the low end and $296 on the high end.

The state with the lowest average price for detailing is Hawaii, with an average price of $90.50. Hawaii’s range of detailing prices starts at $55.50 on the low end and $270 on the high end.

This data is probably the best way to see the differences in detail pricing per state accounting for their relative costs of living. Here we calculated an adjusted price for each state based on the national average and each state’s relative cost of living multiplier. Then we compared each state’s actual price with its price adjusted from the national average.

States to the right of the national average charge more than we would expect based on their cost of living. States to the left of the national average charges less than expected based on their cost of living.

If you live in a state to the left of the national average, it might make sense to charge higher detail prices. This can help you catch up with the national average and adjustments for cost of living.

Car Detailing Packages

Car detailing Calgary Our most popular detail service is the Executive level detail interior and exterior. This service takes one technician approximately 5 man hours (depending on condition of the vehicle) and generally costs $299 + GST. For vehicles with extra seating (minivans and larger SUV’s), this is generally $359 + GST and takes approximately 7 man hours.

VIP Auto Detail


  • all Executive exterior services, plus
  • detail/dress wheels and tires
  • dress wheel wells (trucks, SUV’s)
  • steam-clean/detail engine compartment
  • dress all exterior vinyl/rubber surfaces
  • polish chrome surfaces
  • clay all exposed painted surfaces
  • machine polish exterior paint
  • wax/seal paint


  • all Executive interior services, plus
  • shampoo/hot extraction cloth seats
  • shampoo/hot extract carpets and floor mats
  • dress all rubber and vinyl surfaces
  • fabric protection on cloth surfaces


Category 1               Category 2               Category 3

Interior                     $375 (5 hours)        $410 (5.5 hours)     $450 (6 hours)

Exterior                     $375 (5 hours)        $410 (5.5 hours)     $450 (6 hours)

Interior & Exterior $629 (9 hours)        $699 (10 hours)      $769 (11 hours)

Interior &

Executive Exterior $469 (6 hours)        $529 (7 hours)        $599 (8 hours)

Important Notes

  • All prices do not include GST
  • Larger vehicles (Suburban, 3/4 ton trucks, Excursions, etc. ) will be quoted slightly higher.
  • Special conditions (pet hair, excessive dirt, blood, scratches, etc.) will be quoted in addition to above.
  • Special services such as headlight refinishing, extra services for wheels and glass and other chrome are available and will be quoted in addition to above.
  • All times listed are total man hours and are dependent on vehicle condition.


What is Detailing?

Detailing is a specialized process of keeping your vehicle appearance as close to showroom condition as possible. Our aim is to have your car looking the way it did when you drove it off the lot.

How often should I detail my car?

Consider detailing your car whenever you get your oil changed or twice a year to promote optimal car health. Detailing depends on the wear and tear of your car and your expectations of how you want your vehicle to look. Detailing increases your car resale value and appearance and expands the overall life of your vehicle.

Why should I choose detailing versus just washing my own car?

Detailing does more than merely clean your car. It preserves and in some cases restores its original condition through professional thorough processes involving bug, tar, sap, lime removal, tire and rim treatment, interior leather and vinyl conditioning, carpet and headliner shampooing, wet sanding, waxing and applied protectants that keep your car’s paint job looking like it just arrived in the showroom.. Moreover, regular detailing extends the life of your car, maintains safety and integrity of your vehicle and actually adds to its value.

How long does the detail take?

Our Full detailing services can take between 6 – 10 hours depending on the type, size & condition of your car. Please plan on leaving your vehicle with us for one full day and overnight until the following morning. Our Premium detail or a vehicle that requires extra attention on the interior or multiple stages of polishing on the exterior may take up to a few days. A specific estimate will be provided the day of your appointment.

May I drop off my car the day before my scheduled appointment ?

Yes, your car is safely locked in our secure garage overnight. We prefer to wash & prep your car the day before which allows our technicians to start work on your car early the next morning. Drop off times are preferred the day before any time before 3:00 pm if possible. If not you can always schedule for a morning drop off at 8 am.

What are the benefits of auto detailing my vehicle?

Auto detailing is probably the best and most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle. Car detailing is an important single process that covers a wide variety of techniques and products which, to get the best results, require considerable skill to apply. It is considered an efficient renovation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle to keep it working in good condition.

How often should a vehicle be detailed?

At least once per year. Detailing has proven to be effective in getting you a better resale/trade-in price.  So, if you are planning on selling/trading your car, make sure to have it detailed within a week of selling/trading it.

It is usually when selling a vehicle that most people consider detailing. But, by that time (an average of 5 years) the vehicle has too much wear and tear to restore it to a new condition. That’s why we urge our customers to think of auto detailing as a maintenance program the same as changing the fluids, getting a tune-up or rotating the tires. Most people don’t realize that in most cases, it is less expensive to replace the engine than to replace a “factory paint job”! We recommend at least 2 to 5 times a year depending on your driving and car washing habits and how you store your vehicle. Is it parked inside or outside most of the time? Do you wash it every other day or maybe only once a month? How do you wash it? Do you spend so much time in your vehicle that you feel like it’s your home? These are just some of the determining factors that we consider in recommending what maintenance schedule is best for you.

When is the most critical time to get my car detailed?

Don’t forget the winter months are the most crucial time to detail due to the rapid changes in temperature, road construction, salt and other elements that are especially hard on your vehicle’s exterior. Not to mention that the Magnesium Chloride they are using on the roads these days is proving to be even more harmful than we thought to the exposed surfaces of your car. While it’s easy to rationalize that “it’s just going to get dirty again anyway”, properly applied sealant is your only defense! Plus it makes it easier to wash off all that harmful grime.

Do you have service packages available if I want my vehicle detailed more often?

Yes, after your first detailing, we would be glad to design an auto detailing Maintenance Plan specifically for your vehicle.


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